Roller Shade Blinds


Roller Shade Blinds Vancouver

Roller Shade Blinds are a simple way to update a room and add style to your home while keeping the sun at bay. Easy to operate, they are the ultimate functional blind. Many people choose Roller Shades to limit the amount of sun that enters a room, protecting furniture and flooring from sun-fade and to help keep a room cooler.

Roller Shade Blinds can be customized to your style and need because they offer many options such as blackout, privacy, light filtering, and sun shade. Practical blackout fabrics are perfect for bedrooms, baby rooms and children’s bedrooms. Remote control motorized window blinds are also available for those hard to reach windows!

We sell only quality Roller Shades at Blinds Brothers, all of which meet the standards set by the following:

Blinds Brothers Blinds Standards

For our Black-Out Roller Shades, we use fabrics that are approved by the following authorities:

  • U.S. Federal Government Specification CCC-C0521E
  • National Fire Protection Association No.701 Small Scale Test
  • Boston Fire Department.BFD 1X-1
  • California Fire Marshall, Section 13115